SONY VCL-2030X, Лещи, филтри, преходници

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Висококачественна 2,0х телеконвертерна леща за 30мм оптики на SONY.


Bring your viewers into the action with Sony’s VCL-2030X telephoto conversion lens. Designed for use with compatible 30mm lens Handycam® camcorders, it provides a 2.0X zoom for detailed close-ups and long distance shots. For shooting in bright situations a lens hood is included to help eliminate lens flares.


Built to last, the VCL-2030X features a three group, three element design constructed of durable ABS plastic and glass materials. The included carrying pouch and front and rear lens caps help protect the lens while off of the camcorder. 



Features :


·        2.0X magnification for detailed zoom shots

·        High quality ABS plastic and glass construction

·        Built to be tough, yet lightweight

·        Includes storage pouch and front and rear lens caps

·        The included lens hood helps prevent lens flares

·        Attractive graphite silver design

·        Designed for compatible 30mm diameter lens Handycam® camcorders



Technical Specifications :


·        Materials: ABS Plastic and Glass

·        Color: Graphite Silver

·        Magnification: 2.0X

·        Lens Structure: 3 Groups, 3 Elements

·        Grade: Standard

·        Included Accessories: Carrying Pouch, Front Lens Cap, Rear Lens Cap, Flare Prevention Hood

·        Diameter (approximate): 58mm

·        Length (approximate): 37mm

·        Screw Diameter: 30mm x 0.75mm

·        Weight (approximate): 80 g

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