SONY VCL-0630X, Лещи, филтри, преходници

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Висококачественна широкоъгълна 0,6x леща за 30мм оптика.

Never let a special moment slip out of frame with the VCL-0630X wide angle conversion lens from Sony. Designed for 30mm lens Handycam® camcorder, it provides 0.6X magnification for spectacular wide angle video footage


The VCL-0630X features high quality ABS plastic and glass construction with a three group, three element design. The included carrying pouch and front and rear lens caps help protect it from dust and scratches while off of the camcorder. 



Features :


·        0.6X magnification for crisp wide-angle shots

·        High quality ABS plastic and glass construction

·        Lightweight, yet very durable

·        Includes storage pouch and front and rear lens caps

·        Attractive graphite silver design

·        Designed for compatible 30mm diameter lens Handycam® camcorders



Technical specifications :


·        Materials: ABS Plastic and Glass

·        Color: Graphite Silver

·        Magnification: 0.6X

·        Lens Structure: 3 Groups, 3 Elements

·        Grade: Standard

·        Included Accessories: Carrying Pouch, Front Lens Cap, and Rear Lens Cap

·        Diameter (approximate): 55mm

·        Length (approximate): 34mm

·        Screw Diameter: 30mm x 0.75mm

·        Weight (approximate): 68 g

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